[FREE] - SQZ_HOSPITAL - Heal without medics

When someone who checks in is dead they dont get healed/revived, is there a fix to that?

Hello, thats not an actual bug, you would need to add there a trigger that revives the player, for example the esx ambulance one

I got a problem, where we use visn_are on our server and the player wont get healed.
We tried it with EntityMaxHealth, PedMaxHealth and so on, nothing seems to work …
Help needed and thanking in advance!


AddEventHandler(‘sqz_hospital:HasEnoughMoney’, function()

if not hasLeft and currentBedCoords and isOnBed then
    local ped = PlayerPedId()
    SetPedMaxHealth(ped, GetEntityMaxHealth(ped))                   -- I assume, heres the error


Hello, honestly don’t know what visn_are is.

Thanks for the fastest reply ever here on CFX <3

Visn_are is an Arma3-like medical script, where you have different bodyparts and ways to “medicate” or heal your char.

Link: Installation | veryinsanee.space

The problem with your script in particular is, that the wounded bodyparts arent healed with the inserted lines, I posted beforehand.
Indeed it is working with the “TX-Admin - Heal player” option.

Its funny, because your code and the code, TX uses is nearly the same, but not working…
(Code of TX-Heal:

– Heals local player
RegisterNetEvent(‘txcl:heal’, function()
debugPrint(‘Received heal event, healing to full’)
local ped = PlayerPedId()
local pos = GetEntityCoords(ped)
local heading = GetEntityHeading(ped)
if IsEntityDead(ped) then
NetworkResurrectLocalPlayer(pos[1], pos[2], pos[3], heading, false, false)
SetEntityHealth(ped, GetEntityMaxHealth(ped))
RestorePlayerStamina(PlayerId(), 100.0)

I worked now about 7 hours to this fix, but cant do it on my own …

I´d pay you hahaha :smiley:

Would somehow tried adding into my script this event: visn_are:resetHealthBuffer or exports[“visn_are”]:SetRemainingUnconsciousSecondsFunction(0)
Honestly regarding their docs, got no idea how the first event works/should be used.

The first event, named with “RegisterNetEvent(‘txcl:heal’, function()” is just the "push the -heal- button on TX-Admin, I assume.

With your try, could you send me the implemented code?
As I said, I´am new and would not know, how to do it by myself :sweat_smile:
In case it works, you would get a donation! :slight_smile: