[FREE] Rup-Delivery | Job | ESX, QBCore, NDCore, QBOX 🚚

Did you uncomment line 18 in fxmanifest?

yes. it still doesnt pay out

Just pushed a fix for ND Core, Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:

sadly It didnt work for me…I put nd in config.lua and commented esx out in fxmanifest…

in v2 its a different player paying. might want to look at scripts that work for nd v2 , as i dont understand stuff about coding but u might

it’s not giving me the keys to the truck when i start the job… can only drive truck till i get out then i cant get back in…

is there a code i needa put in a config somewheres?

Which framework, I used a native to always leave the car unlocked but it doesnt seem to be working for some people

Hey can you give more preview please ? thank you


  • Added vehicle key system for QB and QBX

(This is a hot fix so any issues please let me know)