[Free] RPEmotes

Some of those are already added, but not all. You can add them yourself by adding animation files to the stream folder, and code to the AnimationListCusyom.lua. I don’t necessarily add every single one as some of them don’t interest me.

If you modified something; don’t.

Hello, is it normal that he always holds his arm like this?

You have garbage man walkstyle selected. Change your walkstyle.


  • Added start delays for chill, passout, sunbathe, cloudgaze, layncry, laysexy, laydownsexy, sleep, bumsleep, crawl, zombiecrawl, abd prone emotes

This along with the exitemotes and their own start delays, should add a slight disadvantage to the PVP try hards who use these emotes, without upsetting those who aren’t lacking brain cells and use the emotes as intended, to RP and have fun.

You can of course alter these yourself to your own servers’ likings by simply searching for StartDelay = in AnimationList.lua, and can delay your own animations for AnimationListCustom.lua as well.

Smaller number means lesser delay time, higher number means longer delay time, if you really want to piss them off. numbers are in milliseconds. * Renamed sunbathe menu name to show Sunbathe - Hand On Head * Renamed sunbathe2 menu name to show Sunbathe - Hand Over Face

Bunch of other stuff, can’t be bothered to explain here, especially when some people have nothing better to do than to copy everything I do, reupload, sell, etc.