[FREE] Rolling tray Pack : Cookies, nike, raw, rick, rick and morty, weed!

Hello, this is my first pack of props. Don’t hesitate to give me feedback if you have any comments

1x cookies tray
1x nike tray
1x raw tray
1x rick tray
1x rick and morty tray
1x weed tray

pack plateau.rar (240.7 KB)

tebex : https://valdeurt-script.tebex.io/package/5489340

Code is accessible Yes/
Subscription-based /No
Requirements Any script or map editor
Support Yes/

unique and pretty dope bro

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Haha, cute! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Damn this reminded me, that i have to stand up and roll one. Nice release, as always…


I have already written a food trade script thanks man was looking something like this for customizable trey for business scripts like Burger shot pizza this etc Nice release

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