[FREE] | Roda Pause Menu | ESX LEGACY

Hell yes! thanks!!!


Looks great dude!

i suggest you can change the Client.lua 61 line Wait(10) to Wait(5) because some time the
ui show with the gta5 PauseMenu and Getcolor function doesn’t working (sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: )


best ever

Great release and its free, nice!

I have just one little problem:
Default Pause Menu: ESC to close for example the phone will close the phone without opening the pause menu. When I press ESC without having any phone or menu open the pause menu opens.

Your Pause Menu: ESC to close for example the phone doesnt close the phone but opens your pause menu. It is not possible to close my phone when this script is started ^^.

Is it possible that you can fix this if you understand my problem?

anyway to show gta stats menu for gabzskillmenu? in Roda would be nice @NearTV

Is there a way to make so when player presses the key again it closes the menu?

It works with the inventory system but not with the phone.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I was asking my own question I was not reply to you sorry for the confusion lol

how can i change the key to open the menu?

To close the Pausemenu with Escape, go to html/app.js and scroll down.

Then you put this code on the bottom of the js

document.onkeydown = function(data){
  if (data.which == 27){
      $.post(`https://${GetParentResourceName()}/exit`, JSON.stringify({}));

You welcome!

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Is there a way to make the map option go directly into the map instead of opening the whole pause menu

Great work!, i liked it a lot.
The UI is beautiful for me, nice work!