[FREE][RELEASE] World Interactions


Why the Offset option in addGlobalVehicle works only when the bone is “chasis”. It’s a feature or a bug?

the offset should work on all bones. ill double check

new update out thats basically a full rewrite to a lot of parts. with a new style as well. ive updated the original post to reflect that. latest release


Best interaction script! Love

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I get this error whit the newest verssion

the code has 2 MainLoop() that get error, but if I remove them it works, but the UI dosent load automatically, at least in the vehicleGlobal, it only loads when you enter and exit a vehicle. I think it is because the error with MainLoop() function, but idk

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MainLoop() should now actually be BuilderLoop()

I will fix this in a patch

this is now fixed in v1.2.3

was just an issue with ESX bridge

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Great script, only issue I have is when I remove and readd a globalVehicle with the same id, it doesn’t work anymore. No error, just no interaction showing up anymore. When I use removeEntity and addEntity it works perfectly though.

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ill look into this, global ids get chached so that its not readding the same global interaction id over and over to the same entity. also for optimization purposes. but when its removed it should clear the cache for that id on the entity, so ill check it out

okay this is now fixed in v1.2.6. good catch

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