[FREE RELEASE] [vRP] Inventory Hud | Hotbar & more, secure and well coded!

UPDATE v1.9.8

  • Added new marker system. Now you can customize the markers for each chest and shop type
  • Now you need to press E to open a shop or a chest
  • Fixed other html small issues

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I cant move just 1 item

and if an item is in the hot bar it can’t be moved

this will be fixed soon

and this won’t be changed for now

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could you add an animation that plays when a player opens the inventory?


Can you help me make a protected container like Glife’s extinction.

I’m looking for an inventory where you have the normal inventory that you have now, but then also where you have a small inventory where it is “protected” and does not lose its things in that inventory when you die. But that outside one’s protected container must of course be lost. In addition, you also have the chest system and I would also like to have it in it.

Would that be hard to do? : D


Yes, I will

Hi, yes it is possible

hello bro
please check message in cfx :slight_smile:

Can you help me with it? :stuck_out_tongue: WOULD HELP ALOT! :open_mouth:

like this one

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