[FREE RELEASE] [vRP] Inventory Hud | Hotbar & more, secure and well coded!


  • Updated installation guide.
  • Now you can search for a specific item in the secondary inventory.


  • Hotbar now is alive!
  • You can now loot the nearest player in coma by pressing F1
  • Small code refactor

weapons dont work

Uh, you are right. I will push a fix later


  • New weapon system! Use the new items in the config as weapons, and the item “ammo” to reload

Nice release, I have a question is it working with dunko vrp, and is there a way to rob some one alive near you if he is cuffed and a way for police to search someone?

Like a /steal command to rob other players while they their handsup .I have notced somthing here you could not chose were you but the item there are no squares and drag and drop and a scroll line like the image

Sorry for bothering you but as an idea could you add an animation for opening the inv and another one fore opning the trunk sorry again :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the suggestions, I will add the steal command and the animations.

BUG: It is not possible to reload the weapon, the only way is when I put the weapon away and put it back again.
TIP: Weapons use different types of bullets.

Please use the last version. To reload press R when your weapon is out (you need the ammo item). Different types of bullets will come in the future :slight_smile:

I’m out of ammo but don’t reload

Do you have the item “ammo”? You need it to reload, then press R.

Yes, I have ammo

Which version of the inventory are you using?


Very strange, it’s fully working for me. Are you pressing R when you have 0 ammo?

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Yes, but don’t worry i’ll try fix it

UPDATE v1.9.1

  • Fixed spamming TAB to open the hotbar
  • Fixed using fast items while in coma or handcuffed
  • Fixed player loot, you can loot a player if he is in coma or handcuffed
  • Fixed opening the trunk while inside the car
  • Added animation while looting trunks and players
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Is there a way to add a glove box inside the car with a small space? And could you add blur when you open the inv and it could be controlled in the config the precent of it.