[FREE] [RELEASE] Tyre damage (Force vehicle to stop when tyres have popped)

Thx for the update !!

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No problem :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any more issues and I’ll reply when I can.

if there is a trigger from his script to remove status you’ll probably have to add that to the mechanic fix function.

Hi Snip3r the script has been updated since his comment and his issue has been resolved.
The script now auto detects when a vehicle has been repaired by other scripts. The mechanic feature was added to bypass this auto detection so that it can be used in RP servers, where only police, tow truckers, mechanics, etc can restore the vehicles so long as their client script is logged in as a mechanic or admin, assuming fixable is set to false.


Awesome work, thank you for helping fivem community with such an awesome script❤️

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No problem :grin: I’m happy to help the community, as it’s the community that taught me (FiveM is the first thing I have ever learned to code outside of old GTA SA handling editing back when I was like 14 :joy:)

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@StacyBee Are you still offering support. when the car is fixed it wont move.

Yeah sure, I’ll download the script and add it to my server to see if it happens to me.
Can I have a little more info please.

How are you fixing the car?
How is it not moving? Like is it frozen in place? Engine on and revving? Steering works?
Any specific variations to the cfg table (script settings) or does it happen no matter what you set them to?
Any resources that you think might be interfering with it?

Hi dude,
I just tested the script and couldn’t seem to replicate your issue and it seems fine,
although I am using the test function within the script to pop the tyres (it turns out popping the tyres of the car that your in is a hard thing to do when you are the only person in a server haha)

Once the tyres were popped I used the test function, /tyfix, and the “repair vehicle” selection in vMenu to fix the vehicle and there was no issues.

I did leave the script how it was though so I will need more info from you to investigate further.

Apologies for the late reply. So we are using it in conjunction with jim-mechanic to fix vehicles and it will repair the vehicle but not move after being fixed. its like the function to stop the vehicle doesnt deactivate.

I did try many different configurations of the script but to no luck.

I dont believe any other script is interfering.

Hey, can you post a screenshot of your cfg table in the script please.
In the meantime I will try out this jim-mechanic thing and see if I can re-create your issue.


I’ve just noticed that I’ve never really explained how to properly set up the script so that only admin or mechanics can repair vehicles.

So for anybody who would like to have it so that only certain people can fix vehicles and control script please change the following to false in the cfg table at the top of script:

fixable = false	--< Change to false to tell script that you want only admin and mechanics to repair vehicles".
admin = false	--< This is what script uses to see if specific player (you) is an admin. If false then logging in using the login command will change this to true on your system.
mech = false	--< This follows the same principles as the admin function, but can only fix vehicles and cannot use commands that change script settings in game.

Start resource and login with desired command and you will now be able to repair vehicles.