[FREE] [RELEASE] Realistic handling for all vanilla cars (Just one Handling.meta)


A simple handling.meta which aims to give you a *illustrative “GTA IV Style handling” and so a better experience driving vanilla cars.


INCLUDE REALISTIC TOP SPEED DEPENDING OF CLASS (Super/Sports cars now can go much faster than before)






Added realistic damage via handling.meta file.

Does not includes all DLC vehicles, some newer may be at original handling.

*I said " illustrative " because obviously it’s not a perfect remake, but it’s much better handling when driving most vanilla vehicle.

| Code is accessible | Yes |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (Exactly) | 18.858 |
| Requirements | N/A |
| Support | No |


wooow nice work bro thank youu

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I thank you for sharing,
the dlc of 2802 was added?

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Hi, thank you!

About the dlc 2802, no, I can confirm that all vehicles above 2060, do not have any modification to their handling.

All vanilla cars (No DLC included are guaranteed to be modified)

Some Benny’s vehicles have their handling modified as well

I plan in maybe redo and add more DLC vehicles, but right know my schedule is too tight, and I’m just releasing to the public something that I’ve playing with for a good time and kinda liked that worked out well in game.

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Hi, just add

ensure Realistic-Handling-All-Vanilla

It’s the second folder inside when you download it

I tried something similar that made it easier
i renamed it all to just Handling and it worked flawless
thank you again!

would you be open to teaching me some lua?

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Hi! Glad it worked, you’re welcome!

About teaching, I am quite busy with a lot of personal stuff, so I can’t be really active, but I trust that you will learn lua well, keep the interest!

Keep in mind this affects users using modified handling in their GTA or FiveM data application folder. So its useful for those using handling advantages .

What? i couldn’t understand what you were trying to say, but all I have to say is that this is SERVER-SIDED, you just have to “ensure handling” and that’s it, this do not modify any client folder.

If you are saying that will affect those who uses client side handling, so yes, maybe will overwrite their handling

have a great day.

You replace the handling of the original gta 5 handling on your server so rather than it using the gta default handling or custom one made by the user (edited handling/client sided) it uses the handling data file called in the manifest. Pretty basic to understand. I use the wheeling mod from gta 5 mods which makes the bati go crap ton fast when not wheeling. However when people overwrite the handling such as this resource does it will replace it with the set handling data file. So then I can no longer go faster than quicksilver but only the set speed.

I made this to server owners who maybe will like a “realistic” experience, surely it’ll replace, but if it not fit your liking, so sorry bout that, all cars changed in this handling tried to give them their respectively speed, so like I used by example, sports bike/ sports car go faster, but not blazing fast, so yea, thanks for the comment.

I added this and now all cars just flip when turning a corner.

Sorry, but maybe u exaggerated, yes, there are SOME specific cars that may flipover, I play with this handling doing patrols all around the map, and I can literally see every npc driving normally.

So yes, there are some can flip over easy like “Ruiner”, but if this do not fit your taste, just modify the handling of the car you saw flipping over, I’m quite busy with my personal life so can’t help, but that’s it, enjoy your game!