[FREE RELEASE] Easytime - Time and weather management by Codesign

Change i the server.lua

Relatime Server

self.hours = settings.hours or 08
self.mins = settings.mins or 00

self.hours = tonumber(os.date(“%H”))
self.mins = tonumber(os.date(“%M”))

And in the config.lau

Config.TimeCycleSpeed = 60

My Problem is the easytime not working on start i must restart it always before working some a solution for me?

MIne seems to be doing the same thing, the time will hang and never move I have to move it manually myself

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this is a great free resource. UI is superb.

This script need update for qbcore i think ^^"

I still cant get this to work, but I did figure out why I kept getting the flickering with this and vSync…its a script called stg_jail. So if you have it, search in client for ‘NetworkOverrideClockTime(13, 1, 1)’ and delete it. Or look thru other scripts for it

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Yes this script need update :confused:

when I change time, the screen of all players starts flashing. How do I solve it?