[FREE RELEASE] Easytime - Time and weather management by Codesign

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Update 1.2.0




  • Added the ability to toggle the instant time and weather change on the in game UI instead of it being a config option, meaning you can choose whether you want to instantly change the time or make the time change slowly so its barely noticeable to players in game

  • Added a new config option to allow you to walk around while the UI is open

  • Added a fail safe check to make sure the time and weather is synced when a player joins the server

  • Added drag and drop compatibility for ■■■■ and ace permissions (read Step 1 for more information)

  • The settings now automatically save when the script is restarted


  • Now when you click the “Save Settings” button on the in game UI, your chosen settings will be saved to the settings.txt file and applied in game, then the UI will close. (previously you needed to open the UI, choose your settings, click the “Change” button, reopen the UI and then click the “Save Settings” button)


  • Fixed time not syncing for new players when the FreezeTime option is enabled

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I when I save or hit change I get stuck on a mouse.

Most likely because you have changed the name of the resource

ahh thanks I actually forgot to remove main form it!

No prob glad its working :slight_smile:

Its that a Realtime Script and Admin can change every Time the Weather ?

Im not too sure what you mean by real time script but admins can change the time and weather via the in game UI yes

Is it possible to synchronize with the windows clock? Change time or minutes automatically?