[FREE][RedEM:RP][VORP] Apiary with bees

We present to your attention a script for an apiary with bees.

This RedM script adds honey harvesting to the game. Bee houses are a 3D object that can be used on any server. Houses are randomly placed within a 10 meters radius of the player. When collecting honey, the player randomly receives honey from 1 to 100 pieces, 1 bee and honeycombs.

Information about installing this object is in the README file. We recommend reading.

You can use the 3D object to VORP

Watch the video

Script RedEM:RP
Download the script for RedEM:RP v1.0: CFX
Download the script for RedEM:RP v2.0: Tebex
Download the script for RedEM:RP v2.0: Discord

Script VORP
Download script for VORP v1.0: Discord Author: WeYzBl4x


I have been thinking of making something like this for so long! Thank you for making it and being so generous as to make it free.


Please include a direct download as mentioned in the rules


Is this script Vorp friendly?! I think it would be an amazing addition to my county

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I was stung by a bee as a child, but my grandmother told me that it would cure all diseases. After that, I began to love bees :slight_smile: Thank you for making such an amazing script.

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I dont understand how its works… :frowning:

link for VORP version is broken?

The version no longer works anyway and needs to be completely revised

The links have been updated.
The version for REDEMRP has also been updated.

You cannot make it mandatory to enter Discord to download a resource. Update the download links.

Why only RedmRP why not Vorp too because what you’re offering doesn’t work properly, you know that

Discord link