[FREE] Radial Menu - New Minimalistic and Optimized - ESX/QB/Standalone

i use ESX 1.2

Just tested fresh install, it is working. Are you downloading the release version? or clone from the git? since the release has not been updated yet. if you are using the release you can replace the client/main.lua of it.

is it possible to open a submenu inside a submenu?

Yupppp endless submenus

also masbagus,is it possible maybe if you can create a validation in the config if the player is inside a vehicle or not?, im trying to create a menu when the player is only inside a vehicle, other than that still a pretty nice script :heart:

example of my old menu :

and when inside a vehicle

Thank you very much, well I am planning for that update. Maybe even customizable validation just like qtarget

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nice releases