[FREE] [QBCore] qb-methcar

Hello! This is a simple edit I made for my own server, for qb-methcar that uses qb-menu & qb-target!
All information you could want, including installation guide etc. can be found on the github linked down below!

Preview: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChRldWkBxIKv_SMixY7cCvA

Download: GitHub - Github-Samuel/qb-methcar: qb-meth


This is identical to this guys, except you took it and posted it for free? https://stolk.tebex.io/package/4852822
qb-meth | Using qb-target | By StolK - YouTube

I mean if you’d like to support him by paying him 5$ for a script he neither made or took more than an hour to edit, be my quest. All this script is, is integrating qb-menu & target, the latter of which took me literally 30 seconds.

EDIT: all the scripts he sells seem to be basic edits of free QBCore scripts? mhmm :thinking:


Can’t tell if that was support from ADR or a blast, but 99% of the scripts people are charging for are copies of freebies so I appreciate when someone takes the time to re-release for free. Wish there were a better system for exposing the frauds… :woozy_face: EVERYONE - github is an awesome repository.

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Good day! :slight_smile: im curious to know how we can configure this? without any config file?