[FREE] [QBCORE] [ESX] Advanced Radio Script

If u using the latest version, it shouldnt go outside screen. Check if its even show mode or hidden, if u are using build before 1.8.1 then /remradiodata will fix it

Unfortunately, /remradiodata is not working for me, and I still have the same issue.

Check if the overlay is set to visible in members tab,
Note: You can only see ur name while talking
To use always on show, consider checking out my gitbook “Other branch” tab

hey having issues with the esx radio it says uncought promise

Thanks everyone for the support and love you showed towards my MM RADIO V1, here i am back with MM RADIO V2. Same packet with features and stuff that no other radio script will provide


Radio Features

  • New Radio UI
  • Submix Effect in radio channel
  • Customizable Restrict Channel with job/gang
  • 0 resmon highly optimized
  • You can now Move, Resize Radio UI
  • You can now change the Radio Channel Display Name
  • New Configurable Radio Battery System
  • Inbuilt Notify System

Overlay Features

  • Players Can Configurable Position of Overlay
  • Players Can Configurable Size of Overlay Names
  • Players Can Configurable their Display Name in Overlay(server synced)

Jammer Features

  • Player can place the jammer and remove anywhere
  • Server can set default jammer locations
  • Player can Configurable Every Jammer Range
  • Jammer can be configured to allow specific frequencies to pass through







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