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requirements -

  1. QB-CORE,

Description -
Advanced (kinda) QBCore Boat Anchor Script. This is supposed to be for serious roleplay servers for example fishing etc. this supports qb-inventory & qs -inventory by default but you may edit for your own liking. you license: you may not reupload! thankyou for using my resource


Please make sure to properly license your work.

thats my bad

Can you make that the item is usable instead for Registering the Command Trigger?

Command should trigger a event just have to make in your inventory the trigger.

Also OOC possible to make it ESX ?

Yeah. I will do that next update. thankyou for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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i dont understand your question. the way i made the script was for serious roleplay servers, this is where you would add the item to a shop like hardware store for the players then to use.

Also For QS-Inventory should work for ESX Just change the notification in **



would love to make a prop for his hmu my guy