[FREE][QB-CORE] Rental system

I made a small resource that allows to have a car rental point for QB-CORE.
this resource is inspired by: https://github.com/NaorNC/nc-rental

I added a management of multiple spawns (to avoid spawns on top of each other).

I also removed the dependencies at nh-context.

Preview :

Dependencies :

  • polyZone
  • qb-target

Download : GitHub - Ddev-scripts/qb-rental
I hope you like it! And if you have any PR suggestions.

Have a good day


is it ok if i add a drivers license check to this?

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absolutely please :slight_smile: would be nice if that comes in with it.

yes you can make me a PR (it would be nice to activate the possibility on the vehicle)

Please can you add a locales file so we can change langauges?


any chance i can make a ESX version? only with your permission

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sure bro !

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I made a small update:

  • Configuration for languages
  • Added a license check in the configuration file

done bro :slight_smile:

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done :wink:

You missed one of the notify lines fyi not translated

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How come the vehicle is locked. lol

it’s probably your key system.

link didn’t work

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Thank’s, but I installed it, but when you give the car away after renting, rental power does not disappear from the inventory.

It’s normal it’s not coded to remove the papers

hi im loving this script thank you so much but getting a remove item error can anyone help me with this?

[ script:qb-core] nil triggered QBCore:Server:RemoveItem by ID 1 for 1 rentalpapers. This event is deprecated due to exploitation, and will be removed soon. Adjust your events accordingly to do this server side with player functions.

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I updated.
Download the new version