[FREE] Port Garage 1.0 [MLO]

Small tuner garage located in Elysian Island for all your local tuner needs. Born out of necessity, the garage is remote enough from the bustle of the city centre to do rowdy tests in a discrete industrial setting with extremely low traffic volumes.

Video: https://youtu.be/38Y-AeBc1io

Obtainable via Tebex: https://starscreamers.tebex.io/

You really have a password on a free resource in drop box…Farm data much?

Lmao you know how ppl are these days

Also if it’s free you shouldn’t be uploading it to tebex

I have my reasons.

HAHA and then on top of that you bad disc0rd link

They offer it. I use it.

It probably means you are associated with leakers.

sound like an excuse for a bad link. but ok

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Is this even yours? I had this on my server over 2month ago.

Yes, 100% it is a re-release.

Ok cool, not accusing or anything, just for clarification, as i couldn’t remember where i got it from previously lol

It was previously for sale, then leaked, after that released publicly. Now I re-released with at least some form of control. I’ve learned a lot in between and hope to release something exciting and new very soon.

Im lost tho… its free now. what are you trying to control?

have a harder time getting a free resource then i do buying from anyone else on this forums lol

I have my reasons.

Free resources must be a direct download