[Free] Ox Library - UI and common code

Make sure you properly loaded the library into your resource then

Fixed it, I was just stopid :rofl:

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How can I edit the colors of the lib?

I was going to ask the same question…

Download the source code, edit the CSS then build the UI
Or wait for the release of V3.

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That’s not notify, it’s textui; and you have some script calling lib.hideTextUi() in a loop.

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ohhhh you are right !!! thank you

I have a strange problem with skill check, sometimes I can’t press E(default key) to complete the minigame and have to re-login to make it work again. It is not 100% occur, sometimes it is fine sometimes not. I tried change key to A S W D and the problem still occur. Could anyone enlighten me please, I have no idea what’s going on.