[FREE] [OX_LIB] cdn-wiretap

This script is intended for law enforcement investigation but can be used in any form. There is no job/permission checks. This simply provides private and anonymous connection to a nearby call or radio channel within a specified radius if the player has the specified item. This script will be updated if any bugs are found and I will update to have more functionality as well as more configuration with different voice systems coming soon. As I am fairly new to coding/development please inform me on how I could better my resource as this is my first, any help or information is greatly appreciated, thank you in advanced.



:link: Dependencies

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 138
Requirements ox_inventory, ox_lib, pma-voice
Support Yes

Fire Idea


This can open a a world of RP options… Thank you.


does this work with QB core?

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Yes, as it is not tested on QBCore, there is no ESX integration so it should work as long as you have the listed dependencies.

so what is about teamspeak salty plugin ?

u plan to make a qb version?
i would def use if so

preview when?