[Free] Ox Inventory

Did somebody find out how we can set durability on components like suppresors and so?

I would like to make it so that players can shoot a X amount of time with a suppressors and then it breaks

Does anyone know if I can do 2 props at the same time for items? Example:

Prop = { – Prop spawn data for idle & usage.
Main = {
Model = ‘bowl_ovenroastedturkey’,
BoneID = 18905,
Offset = vector3(0.13, 0.05, 0.02),
Rot = vector3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0),
Second = {
Model = ‘collection_spoon’,
BoneID = 57005,
Offset = vector3(0.14, 0.02, 0.01),
Rot = vector3(-118.0, 192.0, 24.0),
Anim = {
Hold = {
dict = “missfam4”,
anim = “base”,
params = {8.0, -8, -1, 49, 0}
Use = {
dict = “anim@eat@fork”,
anim = “fork_clip”,
params = {nil, nil, 4200, 49}

Hi, did you fixed it?

hi where is the location for changing the item drop marker to bag prop?

Hello, I have a problem with QBcore framework, basically i cant search or rob any players. Does anyone have a solution?

You net to set it in config

how can I put that when you throw an item it never disappears even after reboot?

Can someone help me put the weapon wheel back in because it would be better to work with it in some interfaces

Many thanks to MeronStudioTV

You can also reach us on discord under #ms_community_management

You know that yor thanking yourself in the original message and nobody could contact you becaues theres no discord linked lol

I managed to write a sync for weapons and inventory, so you can use the weapon wheel together with the hotbar and all ox_inventory fucntions. I can provide you with a github link and support to it, just write me a DM.

Is there the possibility to implement a marker that shows up if you want to give a item to an specific player?

Like i want to give player x an item, i pull the item to the give button and after that a marker shows up who i can choose a player to give the item


I’m looking to create a container in ox_inventory with some items already inside.
ex: The player buys a pack of drinks and there are 6 cans inside.
I’ve created the items and the container with its whitelist and blacklist but I can’t see how to add the items directly.

If anyone knows how to do this, I’d love to hear from you :wink:

Hello, does anyone know how to put this in ox_inventory?
job info money bank and society

Would this work? { name = ‘Money’, amount = ‘80’ price = 100, currency = ‘black_money’ },
I want to buy 80 Money with 100 Black Money…

Does this also work on old esx version? (esx 1.1.0)

Hello! How can i add blacklisted item to stash?!

local hookId = exports.ox_inventory:registerHook('swapItems', function(payload)
    print(json.encode(payload, { indent = true }))
    return false
end, {
    print = true,
    itemFilter = {
        money = true,
    inventoryFilter = {

So with the trunk and the glovebox working good! But when i add typeFilter its didnt work!

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What is the solution to this problem?