[Free] Overextended Inventory

How many things did you have to change specifically? I seen the huge guide on installation and moved on to another inventory system. Mine’s not nearly as nice looking as this one, But I’d rather not make hours worth of changes to base an entire server off of. Most inventories have crappy installation guides & leave out vital information etc.

This inventory is valued not for beauty, but for its capabilities and convenience, I have seen more beautiful inventory, with meager and crooked functionality.

True True. There’s just way to much for an average user/modder to do though. This script requires an Enormous amount of modifications on the server before you can even install it.

For example, abandon the old mysql and switch to oxmysql, then change the canCarry system for a new inventory, and a lot of things, introduce metadata, but these are just goodies

I don’t think there’s that much you need to change. The dependencies don’t require changes to your other resources (ESX being the exception); the swap to use ox_inventory exports instead of xPlayer inventory functions are recommended but not required.

Biggest issue is resources referencing the database for items (you just replace it with an export), and anything using for iterator or ipairs through xPlayer.inventory or PlayerData.inventory.

Obviously there’s the changes for stash support, which you need to do for stuff like inventoryhud, disc_inventory, mf-inventory, etc. anyway… and in this case it’s usually very few lines of code.

Maybe it just seems like there’s a ton of changes. But when I clicked the installation guide there’s a whole directory of what seems to need to be changed in order for this to function properly?
I mean you’ve probably seen the installation guide so I don’t need to post a screenshot or anything, But to me that looks like quite a bit of changes that are necessary. I really like the way this UI looks and functions, but I’m not sure about making all those changes just for an inventory when there are others out there that have a much simpler installation process

Hello, There is a problem for me with this Inventory. Whenever i add it to my scripts, ensure it, It says it doesnt have oxmysql. There is no thing like oxmysql file, I Imported everything into The Database. How it has to be, Probably here anybody can help me.

Hey, please read this page on the documentation:

can you help me ?

Hello, i need help. I did every steps on the guide how to install it i installed it everything’s alright. The inventory doesnt open, everything is latest even extended. Theres no errors and other. I need help.

could someone tell me how to repair our weapons?

The inventory requires ESX Legacy to be able to work.

I have this kind of error, documentation was followed, everything is latest. Maybe someone can help me here

i can’t find the modified esx version github

It’s not needed anymore, just download ESX Legacy

Been said already, but I’ll clarify.

Support has been added to the official ESX Legacy repo allowing Ox Inventory to be detected and enabled without modifying the framework. This includes minimal support in other resources such as policejob, and automatically registers stashes for anything using esx_addoninventory.

Great Inventory… Using on my server…

Hello can this inventory work on esx 1.2 version ?

I installed ox_inventory, everything works as it should, but when I change setr inventory: qtarget true it doesn’t work anymore …

[ script:ox_inventory] [warning] qtarget compatibility has been disabled, resource state is 'stopped'