[Free] Overextended Inventory

The best

beautiful work , hands down best inventory to date.

Thanks for this amazing inventory, works Wonderfull.

I just got one problem.
After it removes the items from the database and exports Them.
Where can I find the items after?
I fell i have lokkede everywhere for it, with no luck.
Hope someone can help me with that.

data folder

instead of looking at a single error, look at the top which will tell you more information.

Thanks for this inventory! I love it!

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Any way to get the 1.7 ou 1.9.2 with the legacy for it? I miss that version, it was all i wanted

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I didn’t rewrite the entire inventory on some whim; no I’m not going to share the old version.

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Can item triger a server event?

can’t open inventory on cars and glove box

i get this error while use key item, where is wrong

where is wrong

It’s literally telling you, use exports and not events.

For some reason, if I enable PolyZone and qtarget, ox_inventory breaks - only Tab (hotbar) works, shops do not work either (cause inventory and additional inventories do not open).

PolyZone and qtarget are loaded after es_extended and before ox_inventory, setr inventory:qtarget is true

i have the same issue do you solve it yet ?

I hope @Linden will help.

Check if there are items in your inventory that are not in items.lua, it might cause this problem.

Im trying to change the css of the hover and item titles color but i cant figure it out, i already changed all the # and the only im able to change is the green from the weight

Well, I’ve just plugged in qtarget and made no changes, cause install page has no info about the process, and I have no clue if I have to make edits.

Also, no. Pure new character.

This is insane. Very nice UI, and very clean. The problem is the install, you literally have to download and install so many things before you can even install this inventory system. It has quite a few complicated dependencies & probably not something a ton of people are going to want to do in order to get the script running. Very beautiful work, Just not very user friendly. I Saw the list and I would like to use it, But don’t want to go through the headache of downloading and installing all those other dependencies.

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In general, there are no difficulties if you put on a clean server that is already running and can cause problems, but this is still the most functional inventory and even among the paid ones, the entire server rests on the inventory, I personally chose it, I have to change a lot of things but it’s even just +