[Free] Overextended Inventory

i have all dependencys but dont work and without changing anything

im using esx legacy

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where do i need to make the changes

you use the fork of esx : GitHub - overextended/es_extended: ESX Legacy fork, for use with Ox Inventory only. ?

Have you even read the error message?

i use the original esx legacy

it’s not compatible men ! use only this framework : GitHub - overextended/es_extended: ESX Legacy fork, for use with Ox Inventory only.

can i just replace the es_extended and use all the scripts from esx legcay like normal?

There are some incompatibilities with resources that want to iterate player inventory or need item data. For the latter, generally speaking, you just replace the reference to ESX.Items or database query with exports.ox_inventory:Items().

Iterating the player inventory needs to be done with pairs rather than ipairs and for i=1, #inventory that some resources will use.


thx i will try it

Thank you to you great men for all the content worked well and more free! Ox is the future

And women :grin: @Leah_UK

Fantastic realise from the Overextended team.

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I have to say this is one of the best inventories I’ve worked with, but I have two questions.
Is there any way to disable dropping items, when player is in vehicle and is there way to disable access to glovebox from other seats than those in front of the car?

The best inventory there is, awesome job. Only one thing I cant solve, how can I add the ability to repair weapons with an item (ex. gun repair kit), one solution I thought was with crafting (by entering as recipe the broken weapon and a gun repair kit) but it changes the serial of the weapon and I like the serial to remain the same. Anyone can share his knowledge please?
Thanks in advance!

have u found solution?

A huge thank you, to the whole team and contributors!

Rather than requiring all this extra logic, you can handle these types of situations in the items server module. Modify the existing code for item callbacks, which handles tasks when an item is used, after using it, or when buying it - just need a check and callback for “ondecay”.

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Since some people have come expecting support and hand-holding, I’ll just point out that ESX Legacy is not the same as your 4 year old ESX 1.1. Not only is this inventory not a drag-and-drop release, it expects you to have at least half of your brain completely intact and the capacity to open documentation and read.

If you’re getting errors because you don’t have an accounts column in the users table, or get a strange incomprehensible error about cannot find dependency then please continue using ESX 1.1 or just go use the QBCore recipe on txAdmin - you will save everyone from a great deal of suffering. Thanks.

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Just a note… i got rid of the extra garbage logic and my decay ressource and now im sending an “ondecay” event to the items… so much simpler… thank you for the tips Linden