[Free] Overextended Inventory

Hi i set my inventory weight to 2 kg but i can take over 2 kg how can i fix this?


:thinking: There was a change to weight calculation recently, but only for specific situations; didn’t notice it or have it reported. I’ll look into it later - might be with specific movement calculations.

When I start the inventory first and open , it’s just seem first name of my character but after I restart the inventory, first and last name of my character can seen.

Are you using cd_identity? For whatever reason they don’t want compatibility with the esx_identity format, so we end up reverting to GetPlayerName when firstname and lastname are undefined.

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I was mentioned :open_mouth: i’m officially famous!


hello guys i have a question. I can’t download this inventory because a have a error 1061. How i can fix it? Thanks

Nice inventory, OX for the win!


Hi is it possible to know how to implement the inventory with the allhousing script?
Really very nice and well done inventory!

Check the documentation on how to create and use stashes

Hey, nice inventory, just add rob player if the player is dead or with hands up, and a bag system for a perfect inventory :+1:t4:

Got it, I’ll add two features that exist in the next update.


This is normal practice :slight_smile:

perfect !

Hi there!, so from what I understand it wont work with esx v1 or 2 right?


No, it doesn’t even work with base ESX Legacy, you need to make additional changes to it or use our fork.

This belongs on the top 4 posts instead of the endless pos paid scripts overtaking the release page. Good job Linden, Luke, brayden ;), dunak and other people with faces and names.

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Best free inventory out there for es_extended 1.2, works wonders for me and I love the way it works.

Hello, i got no export error for CustomDrops, any help ?

That’s a server side export

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Its time, its now or never, the power of OX compels … everyone :japanese_ogre: