[Free/OpenSource] Novel_KevlarV2 | Auto-Save and Auto-Load | Dynamics kevlars

Here is a fix version :slight_smile:

A very, very good script. What I would also suggest would be the following:

  • The vests should not be stored temporarily, but like real clothing (even after being reconnected).

  • The vests will also be reloaded (via the database), but if the value is 0, the vest will automatically reset to 0. (Query time adjustable). This also means that if you get fired the vest should just disappear and go to 0.

  • and what would be good if it worked automatically for people using the Illenium appearance.

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Hey we fixed this bug, you can download the new version on github if you want :slight_smile:

Hope you one day will make it available for QBOX :smiley: