[FREE] OCRP's LEO Vehicle Pack (With Vehicle Template, Light Template, and Call Sign Mod) Ver. 3.0

Awesome work, but I seem to have a red light in the driver side from bumper that wont change color and the Div tahoe passenger side pilar red light that won’t change either. I have change everything I can from red to blue or white and can’t get it to change from red… Any idea?

And I provided you with the answer. Don’t just look at the pretty colors. Read the thread. It will teach you all you need to know.

My lights don’t work for some of the cars, I changed the Carlos and stuff but still just wont work.

good script but the sound doesn’t work

My use of BCSO socharger and sodurango was a failure
The other three are normal, and I’m not familiar with police lights, so I can’t fix them

You have a conflicting carcol id. You’ll need to change them or remove the car that is conflicting with them

Tried to add pack in twice to have a red/blue and all blue version, all blue pack wont turn lights on when i change the spawn names on cars and metas. Carcol ids were changed as well. Can this pack not be changed on spawn names?

Pack spawn names can be changed. Make sure carcol id is changed both in the carcols file and in the carvariation file