[FREE] np_statusbot

Today I wanna give a bot to you, which updates voice-channels on your discord server with data from your fivem server.

Credits: PABLO-1610/cfx-api: JavaScript library to interact with the Cfx.re API (FiveM/RedM) (github.com)

Download: Nico-Pergande/np_statusbot (github.com)


  1. create discord application
  2. fill all empty lines in config.json
  3. invite the bot onto your discord server
  4. start the bot


Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~50
Requirements cfx-api, discord.js
Support Yes

thyank you its very useful

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start bot mean start file i think ?

why db and voice not showing

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Unfortunately no camel script, would have expected more xD

yes, you can start it via command line with node index.js oder in a webpanel like plesk with only start

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its work perfectly but db and voice not showing

db and voice isn’t in the preview

How to install this. i keep getting a error from node.js

if anyone need to host this bot free 24h let like here i will make small tutorial

you have to install the repositories with npm i and then start the bot with node index.js