[ free] new island!

The base of the island needs to be worked because you can go under it with any sub like Avisa. But for a 1st very good job !

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Put in the ReadMe all Assets provided by Rockstar. Atleast you acknowledge its Rockstars assets and made your island free unlike other devs who sell peds or buildings made with Rockstar assets

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Looks like it’s going to be a great addition to my server, thank you dude. @ LeM28

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Thank you, but there is no island at these coordinates, @LeM28 do you have any idea why? no errors when loading mlo and i have build 3095

Check if there’s any other ymap file on your server named map1.ymap

taxi and la fuenta bianca mlo used map1.ymap, both work properly

Good Job Man!! Be Cool To See A House Or Something Like That On There In The Future!!

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open the island map in codewalker, rename map1.ymap to a unique name, save, redo manifest, remove map1.ymap from stream folder, it should work

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good pick up on the file name :slight_smile:

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Nice job

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i would try this today when i back from work, thanks :slight_smile:

pas bete

transforming your island into a pmc base :slight_smile: ill update this from time to time, maybe its interesting to see for somebody (will be private but wanted to show you anyways)


1st update and nearly done

i hope you like it :wink: