[FREE] mth-challenges : a fun challenges resource

Description :spiral_notepad: :

:wave: Hey guys, today is the day I’m releasing the mth-challenges resource. I created this resource to add fun challenges to your server. You can create your own challenges and add them to the config file. This resource is standalone, which means that you don’t need any dependencies to start it on your server.

Usage :hammer_and_wrench: :

To use the resource, download it, put the mth-challenges folder in your main resources folder.

Add start mth-challenges to your server.cfg

Then, once you’re in game, have fun !

Features :sparkles: :

  • You can add your own challenges and edit the existing ones

  • STANDALONE : this means that you don’t need any dependencies to start this script on your server

  • Easy to use

  • Leaderboard showing the top 3 players

  • Results are shown

  • You can opt out of the challenges with the command ‘toggle_challenges’

Demo :eyes: :


Link to the resource : mathu-lmn/mth-challenges (github.com)

Feel free to open an Issue or make a PR to help me improve this resource !

I’m planning on adding the save system soon, so your challenge best scores will be saved.

Credits :


how can I add more like fastest speed

Hey, you’d have to add a new file in the client → challenges folder. Call it fastest_speed.lua
Then in this file take the others as example and put whatever you want the challenge to do
Finally add it to the config.lua file and you’re good.

PS: Feel free to create a PR on the repo so I can add it for other players too !