[FREE] [MAP] Fix jumps around the FBI building 2.1

For those with Gabz’s Pillbox Hospital V2 (or any pillbox hospital) check the dt1_rd1_0.ybn of the pillbox map / maps for the file dt1_rd1_0.ybn. Open them in OpenIV, then open LUKY’s file.

I have both this map, and Pillbox Hospital V2 and I can confirm that after stopping the server and deleting the cache, removing dt1_rd1_0.ybn from the Pillbox Hospital V2, I no longer have any collision issues :slight_smile:

Before, with Gabz ybn collision file:

After removing it, stopping the server and deleting cache:

LOD Lights Before:

LOD Lights After:

I have submitted files for LUKY to upload. Thank you all for your patience :slight_smile: