[FREE] LSPD Textures City of Akron Based

First Release
LSPD Textures for Finite Valor Pack.
More pictures will be uploaded at a later date

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Good job :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks finally decided to release my custom lspd textures i made that i use in my server.

@Thegamingcrew_55 Good job! Looks great. btw, I need to modify textures from the vanilla lspd, but I can’t find the .ytd from the models on openIV… Do u know if it’s possible to change the vanilla lspd textures? I’ve found some vanilla lspd mods, but its ELS, and its worse… Can u help me? pliss

it is able to be done you just have not looked far enough into the files try searching police or whatever car you are looking for and you should see it

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