[FREE] 🏥 Lion Medibag

:hospital: Lion Medibag

  • Medibag script made for more RP opportunities

:person_gesturing_ok: FEATURES

  • Very well optimized
  • Many customizations
  • Can be compatible with any notify script
  • Supports all framework that ox_inventory is supporting
  • On disabling the script it deletes all medibags
  • And more!

:palm_down_hand: Dependecies

:tv: Showcase

:floppy_disk: Download

  • Download the latest release on my Github.
  • If you like it give me a :star:

hey just an cool and simple idea. I want to use it but we dont have ox_target and having our own inventory system. Its possible to make it without target system?

Sorry, no its not. There is a chance, but you need to so do it yourself.

Can i use this to put medical items in that Bag? (Example like From visn are )

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Now you cant, but I think I will add it in need update.



  • Fix issue with table inserting

Hello very nice script. Could you add option if you have this medibag in your inventory you could revive someone and medibag will be taken from inventory?

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Hello, I can try do that. Thanks for your suggestion.

Hello, can you change the ox_inventory to qs-inventory?

Sorry, but I cant. I dont have qs-inventory bought. If you want you need to do it yourself.

Thank you! I’ill wait for that

And for what revive script you want me to add? ESX ambulancejob or what script?


  • Added export to the if player can carry the item
  • Added some things to locale
  • Optimalizations

You can find the new version on my Github.

It would be great for ambulancejob

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Okey, I will try add that a soon as possible.

Thank you <3

No problem.

:new: RELEASE 1.3

  • Fix table inserting
  • Fixed not deleting medibags on script stop
  • Added progressbar option to the config.

:floppy_disk: Download

  • You can download now on my Github

Any more ideas guys?

Maybe when medibag is placed other players could take bandages from it :slight_smile: