[Free] Lean Creator

Lean Creation

Bored of the basic standard drugs? Want something more unique?

Let your players create Lean, one the most common street drugs!


Here you’ll find everything you need to configure the script to you liking, from Prop Model to Location of the table itself.


  • qb-core
  • ox_target/qb_target

Whats Included?

Custom item images, custom items and if you are using ox_inventory then there is an item usage snippet with an effect!



CertifiedStag/stag_lean: A Simple Lean Creation Script (github.com)

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Preview of Usage

@CertifiedStag Your video doesn’t work!

strange it does for me… try copying the URL into search engine?

No, I don’t. I open the link as normal.

whats that say in english?

No video with supported format and MIME type found.

what progressbar u using very nice

its part of 17mov_hud

Update pushed to GitHub, cleaned up the code etc

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