FREE | HexaHud | ESX & QBCore

Hexa Hud

Modern and simple HUD for ESX And QBCore.

Made with :heart: By Jaareet and Me


  • Voice detection 🎤
  • Health ❤️‍🩹
  • Thirst 💧
  • Armour 🦺
  • Hunger 🍔
  • Stress 🧠

  • Preview: Click Here

    Download: Download Here heheh

    Hud was make inspired in Paid Hud


    Excelente! ¿Le agregará el oxígeno hermano? Ahí la rompes pana!!


    English is required on the forums.

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    como se llama el inventario?

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    I’ll update with that today.

    That’s the default qbcore inventory.

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    woooow thank youu bro

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    Nice Release, would work S**ty Ch*t with your HUD?

    I think yes, because I use a native.

    you should add an option to enable/disable the carhud, it would be nice, nevertheless good work

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    I top that , be nice to remove the car hud one.

    Would be nice to add a oxygen one too, for when swimming.