[FREE] Francesco CarWash (Map)

Francesco - Car Wash


GitHub: Faronei/francesco-carwash: francesco-carwash (github.com)


WOW :heart_eyes:

Thank You :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

nice work :100:

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Thank You :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ty for making it free, looks clean and nice, if I have to point out one thing, I think the dimension is very large. Maybe its better ingame, bit cars looks very tiny in there :kissing_heart:

Thanks for the feedback I had in mind to adjust the size, I will see in these days to republish a small update :heart:

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Francesco - Car Wash [UPDATE]

  • Fix Collision
  • Adjust the size
  • Delete spawn car on map

Reinstall the map on GitHubReinstall the map on GitHub


nice work!!! :top:

Much better, just after installed the carwash, I realized there is a small bug around the lot

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For the green stripes in a couple of hours they are solved, for the reels they are not from my map

Updated :smiley:

Thx, just wanted to show its going to look installed , truckerwash :kissing_heart:

Just have find out how to remove all my overlapping ymaps in the area, else I have to wait until you find motivation to make the car washes pop up in ebery city 🫶🏼

I’ll try to put the car wash in more places :heart:

The gate is closed

how fixd it ?

Do you use any graphics mods?

no @Francesco_Mapping

Weird, try to stop all the maps on your server and tell me if they’re still there