[FREE][FORK] DpEmotes 2.2.6

Thanks for your work, there seem to be a problem with the anim apple, the menu close and can’t be reopen and the prop doesn’t seem to show

Do a fresh install then report back to me :thinking:

i’ve done that, and the problem seem to persist, i think the problem is on my side then, i’ll try ti fix it, thanks for your reply

Please stop asking me the same FAQ.

QBCore :gear:

QBCore integration to match their fork of the original dpemotes

  • Config option which supports the QB Framework in their fork of dpemotes

If you’re using qb-core, you can now set Framework = "qb-core" in the config file, otherwise leave it as false.


Is your DLC enabled to use the MP Security props?

Apple is a base game prop, should work.

so ive been trying to add a pickbutt emote. with mp_player_int_upperarse_pick what am i doing wrong lol

Add it to AnimationListCustom.lua

["cop2"] = {
        "[email protected]@[email protected]@",
        "Cop 2",
        AnimationOptions = {
            EmoteLoop = true,

Here is an example of how the animation code looks.

You have the emote name for the code cop2,

The animation directory [email protected]@[email protected]@,

The animation itself rcmme_amanda1_stand_loop_cop,

And the animation options.

You can also add EmoteMoving = true, or false after the EmoteLoop too.

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i try to attach more than 2 props

["spongebob"] = {
    "[email protected]", "base",
    AnimationOptions = {
        Prop = "props",
        PropBone = 12844,
        PropPlacement = {
        SecondProp = 'props',
        SecondPropBone = 18905,
        SecondPropPlacement = {
        ThirdProp = 'props',
        ThirdPropBone = 57005,
        ThirdPropPlacement = {
        EmoteLoop = true,
        EmoteMoving = true,

but it only show 2 props. how many prop can we attach ? and how can i do it more than 5 ?

DpEmotes only allows attachment of 2 props. Why would you need 5? @PhaseOne.asia

Minor Update:

  • Renamed piss to pee2 and added urine particle effects. Players can now piss on a wall or something and get arrested for indecent exposure, just be sure not to get pissed on :rofl:

  • /e wank

  • /e wank2

  • /e wank3

  • /e wank4

  • /e wank5

All emotes are set to adult emotes and will be removed from the menu if configured in the config.lua

    -- You can disable the Adult Emotes here.
    AdultEmotesDisabled = false,

This is about as “Please Add Sex Emotes” as I will be doing.

You horny bastards can add your own bonky bonky emotes to AnimationListCustom.lua and figure out the Shared Emotes yourself.

Minor Update

  • Added particle effects to Big Dog Pee and Big Dog Pee 2

Huge thanks to AvaN0x for assisting with this

First, let me just say this is the BEST animation menu out there. You have added SO many emotes and I am so grateful as you and the people you’ve partnered with in bringing animations/props etc. have made RP even more enjoyable just being able to do these emotes.

I just downloaded and installed a fresh install, and the menu works, until it just STOPS and then /emotemenu doesn’t work anymore? Unsure if this was like intentional or??? D:

There are no errors when this occurs.

:thinking: are you using any frameworks, SQL, or anything else that may be manipulating animations at all? Make sure you delete your server cache, do a fresh install of the menu, and set up the config to your own preferences.

If you changed any of the files, that could possibly be a result of that, but otherwise it should work as intended.

We are using qb-core!!! I’m not sure what it is. I’ll keep an eye on it.

For all emotes to work, you need to be on the latest gamebuild. Please be sure you do indeed have a fresh install of DpEmotes, and you have set the config.lua setting up.

set Framework = "qb-core" in the config file, otherwise leave it as false, and read the fxmanifest.lua file to get the script working with qbcore.

Can you please tell me what emote you tried when the menu just randomly stopped working?

It was just any of them. I would go through the list, and it would just stop suddenly. Like eating an apple? Hm. I’ll look more into it and see if it can be replicated!!!

Hmmm… Well I pushed a recent update yet again so make sure to re-download that. It shouldn’t be doing this but I need a repo to figure out exactly why it’s doing that and what’s causing it.

I can’t use /emotebind, why?

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“To use the SQL features, install the oxmysql resource. If you do not want to use the SQL features, comment out the oxmysql region in fxmanifest.lua.”

Please read the entire GitHub ReadMe.

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