[FREE] FLEECA ROBBERY - dependencies Esx Legacy - Qtarget - Ox_inventory - PolyZone

Fleeca Robbery

Hi all, an handmade script about Fleeca Robbery
Script On Github

  • Resmon 0.00ms to 0.01ms

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Item used and loot for the robbery

  • 1x id_card_f
  • 2x thermalcharge
  • jewels
  • goldingots
  • black money it can be easily modified in the server file

two different zones to loot whith different items

first zone (black_money, jewels, cards)

The door to access to the second room need to be forced too

second room (goldingots)

Qtarget menus

Different options in the menu depending on the job (LSPD / EMS / Others)

No Spam Loot

Timer function to avoid spam loot

LSPD blip

it appears during 10 minutes, and the lspd in and out of services are mention, cauz protect and serve :wink: it can be easily modified in the server file.


pls make store robbery too

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i wil i will ^^
i’m on the jewels robbery, i will post it in few hours :wink:

The Jewels Robbery script is on github - tofjewrobbery
The Forum post is attempted to be approved by the cfx moderators :wink:

Script Jewelry Robbery
Jewelry Robbery Forum Link

Updates on Script

  • clean code
  • integration lib locales
  • modify few function extended serverside

update of the fxmanifest, to solve problem of translation not found with ox_lib
it’s tested and verify :wink:

Other releases :

Upadtes on the toffleeca script, corrections and modifications of code and translations.

Important Updates on the script

  • add zones vault
  • modify qtarget thermites zone
    some corrections