[FREE] [ESX] ToF ATM Robbery - optimised for ESX Legacy using qtarget, ox_lib optionnal ox_inventory

ToF ATM Robbery

a lot of configurations in the script

OptionsATM.inventory = 'oxinventory'					-- configure here the invenotry use (oxinventory | default)
OptionsATM.props = 	921401054					        -- model props
OptionsATM.delaynotify = math.random(20000, 35000)	    -- delay in ms for the cops notify appears for them
OptionsATM.delayblip = 60000							-- delay in ms for the cops blip
OptionsATM.hacktime = 30000							-- time in ms to hack the atm
OptionsATM.stealtime = 30000							-- time in ms to steal money in the atm
OptionsATM.RobberyCooldown = 1800000                   -- configure the cooldown in ms between 2 atmrobbery  
OptionsATM.mincops = 0                                 -- configure the minimum count of police to start the robbery
OptionsATM.tracking = true                             -- configure if the player is tracking at the end of the robbery
OptionsATM.trackingtime = 60000                        -- configure in ms how much time the player in tracking
OptionsATM.trackinginterval = 6000                     -- configure in ms the interval between 2 blips
OptionsATM.item = 'card_hack'                          -- configure item needed to hack the atm


Optional : ox_inventory - GitHub - overextended/ox_inventory: Slot-based inventory with metadata.

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First of all, nice release! But can you do a Version without qtarget?


Thank you for your comment.
Concerning actions, I mainly work with qtarget, which is very easy to install and use.
I also find that qtarget allows for a much cleaner game interface without the big floor markers and other “E” for action etc. which allows you to have a much more immersive rp experience ^^.
The qtarget also makes it possible to bypass a certain number of ‘while’ loops, the resources are then much more optimized.

Yes, i know that. I don’t like qtarget at all, because it does not have a nice design. So i decided to work with Sleep in a Loop, so it only Loops, if you are like 1m away from the point.

I can understand that you work only with qtarget, thank you Nevertheless.

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You can modify thé design of thé qtargets menu if you need.
Soon i will work with Ox target thé little brother of thé qtarget


which inventory do you use on your server ?
if you use ‘default’ inventory, i made a correction for the count item in the function.
The release is update.

i have modified line 28 and 51 server side

if card and card.count > 0 then

to correct the nil value message

The release is update on github :wink:

Corrections anti glitch client side