[FREE] ESX Robbable Cash-Registers

Changed the way the script calls to locations it’s now a lot nicer and new locations
can be added in via the Config.lua

Hello everyone, N-U-B here been lurking around the community for awhile slowly learning and offering help to those who are learning as much as possible, Recently had a friend ask me about making a script for Robbable Cash Registers And so i made one that I’d like to release for anyone that may want to use it.

TRP Robbable cash-registers
Is a lightweight easy to use easy to add to ESX resource

Basically the idea is simple, it draws a 3D text on the coordinates of some certain cash-registers in game That 3D text is hidden behind a IsControl Function currently set for [Left-Alt] So when you walk up to a cash register and hold down the key Left-Alt the 3D text will appear when in range and you need an Advanced Lock Pick to be able to rob the cash-register for an amount between 300-800
There is a cool-down for 5 minutes between each location

Here’s a video.

Here’s the Download.

This script is super-easy to use and to set up new locations all you need to do is go into the config.lua and add another X Y Z for your next register that you want in-game

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Hello, why you copy paste the stealing code when you can do it in just a one thread? Using table.

This is just something i’ve chucked together real fast, I’m still learning and i didn’t think to use a table i’ll change it and update it when i get some time.

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Nice job! How did you edit that?ARARARA

in the server file you’ll find a line that says xPlayer.addinventoryitem(‘money’, amount) Above that you will see a
local amount = math.random(300, 800)
When the script pays out it pulls that math.random and the result it gives in cash :slight_smile: Hopefully that’s answered it!


I remember why i didn’t do tables now…
Now it’s probably my own lack of experience but every time i do a table format the 3D text the Distance check nils and shows all 3D draw distances, I suppose i can do the actual locations on a table with the 3D text running independent but it doesn’t seem really that much more ideal, If you’ve got an idea for this I’m happy to learn

Thank you so much for help me

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Glad to! Let me know if you need anymore :slight_smile:

nice release!!

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Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy it if you’re using it!

Ye, okay, it’s totally possible to do it with the table and clean up the code and make it more FPS friendly. Just depends on what you want to do and then you can figure out the strategy.

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Yeah im sure unfortunately its a nut i havent cracked yet

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I realized my mistake it was a simple but annoying one :stuck_out_tongue:
So when i made the table i was calling to all the x y z 3DDrawText
when i realized i removed them and made the 3DrawText React to the Location table

The code is now a lot more optimized and looks a lot more nicer thank you for your input and help
the update is live let me know if that’s what you wanted to see :slight_smile:
Thanks again -Nub

Added a little Job.name check for police not to stop them but to ping them a Message(’ ') that tells them a robbery has occurred at one of the locations.

ey cool mod, there is any way of installing these for Single Player Fivem?

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Hello! Welcome to the community :slight_smile: Also
I’m unsure if these can be added into base gta V in anyway
however they can be added into fiveM single-player version if you
would like to look more into that information can be found

ey thaks for awnser and yes i want t added to fivem SP version but couldt find any info on the manual or out there on how to load this .lua files in the SP version of Fivem

I’m not actually quite sure on that one! tried to look and see and also could not find anything! :frowning:

Good release mate :slight_smile: