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@Akkariin , any idea?

Anyone can share or kw how save vehicle damage? On the body too?

hello ! i got an issue too :frowning:

i can park a car, no issue it store in the database. but as soon i left the game, if i come back the server crash when it try to get the car
if i park the car, and try to retrieve it, server crash
if i try to park a car when there is one already (without log off between), server crash

all those with no error, just server crash (even the crash log just say “server crashed”, no sql error or something like that)

edit : never mind, look like it was a owned_vehicle issue on my side, the “stored” column was the issue it seem (i had to change mine for a “tinyint” and now it work)

edit2 : look like seting price to 0 or false also lead to this server crash

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I’m getting: You have to own the car to store it.
How do i “own” a car? Buy from a dealership? :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant park anywhere But I can park in the zone you know why?

hello so we got this script works fantastic but you cant use T1ger_keys with these scripts at least the new one bc the cars auto lock when you get out of it

amigo, has averiguado como arreglar ese problema??? Tengo el mismo problema q tu

Hi, did you solve this?

Yes, you have to buy the car from a dealership and then you can store it :slight_smile:

Hi, did you solve the problem? I have the same issue. I can park the car, put when taking the car out it gives the crash on server “esx_realparking/server/main.lua:96” and a black screen for the user.

Hope to hear from you!

I have added these lines, but unfortunately the vehicles continue to spawn with the doors open? I have also tried to switch to true, but still all doors open. Any other idea?

hello when you add this function: _
function ImpoundVehicle (vehicle)
TriggerEvent (“esx_realparking: impoundVehicle”, vehicle)
ESX.Game.DeleteVehicle (vehicle)
ESX.ShowNotification (_U (‘impound_successful’))
CurrentTask.Busy = false
where do the cars go?

Like the script so far, anyone get the global parking to work… no instructions… if not i’ll dig into the code

When ever I try put my car in parking it changes the owner to parking and when I try to pull it out it just infinite loads

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same here

How do you find your car in the mass amount of parking lots is there a command to find it?

is it possible to save the car on PlayerPed position ?

Anyone help? I use ESX-LEGACY.

I use ESX-LEGACY too but i work.I think is your sql problem