[FREE] [ESX&QBCore] | Roda Modern Hud

KEKW, copied? Do you have proof?

I was all day with Roderic watching and testing it, the code is from scratch so it’s not copied <3

Thank you Mr QBCore

Hahaha thanks :crazy_face:

Yeah I copy of resource that is not release yet, right? XD

wow :smiley:

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Nice release, looks like the default qb hud but better.
Well done man.

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Add stress Option for Qb please?

my love is great!! :blush: @NearTV

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thank youu bro

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You’re the best babe :heart:

thank you so much @NearTV
can i add icon for system vape ?

Yes you can.

Awesome Bravo :ok_hand::raised_hands:

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Does anyone know why the car hud is not showing for me? everything else is working fine.

this hud can put name job and blackmoney ?

You can edit has you want, and if u share it is better.

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I’m having a difficulty with the map; it’s already located, so why is it still blurry and blank?