[FREE] ESX-QBCore Converter

Nice script! Is there a way to convert from qb to esx?

ok bro

Ok bro…

Check the sourcecode on GitHub

How about check the source code on github and built the exe for yourself instead of giving false information?

Found better tool, this is a waste of time, not working at all.
I just did what he says and it’s still the same code inside the files.


can you DM the one you found?

Ive tried to get this work for qb to esx, created a text file and still seeing nothing change?

Can you DM the one you found please?

dm with the tool :slight_smile:

Can this convert ESX scripts, and QB scripts to Standalone scripts?

hey could you if possible DM me the better tool that you found to convert scripts thanks in advance

Can you send it to me?