[FREE] [ESX/QBCORE] Cars as items

This script is for ESX and QB, it uses ox_inventory.

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Code is accessible Yes
Requirements ESX or QB-Core
Support Yes

?? do you carry a car in your pocket

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This script is mostly for PvP servers, not roleplay servers.

this is nice script

I would advise you to re-upload to github, since github is not made for hosting zip files, but actually project files, so the code can be viewed prior to download.

This ensures transparency before downloading anything, right now personally I would not download anything from this repo, since it’s unsafe to download a zip that you have no idea what contains.

It should be fixed now

Perfect, now people got the posibility to review the code before downloading! Thanks.

i didnt know you can play fivem on your phone now … damn

I did a little update, now you can remove the animation if you want

Good work bro


Ah ok, thnx for informing me!