[FREE][ESX/QB] Trew Hud Revived

I’m not even going to argue… That is just such a bad take.

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Is there an event to hide the hud?

would be nice to see exports add new statuses

When I drink or eat something, the bar does not fill up but disappears. QBCORE

Please make a /hud command to disable or enable the complete hud. /toggleui only disables parts of the ui


This is awesome, thankyou for sharing it! :heart_on_fire:

the hud is and works. but I have a detail. Both food and water circles fill up when you are low on food and low on water. In short, they are working in reverse. I don’t know if the problem is mine or the hud’s. PS: there are no errors, everything is OK, it is the QB version

im having the same issue as well

could you also do nitrous built in and engine health icons? nitrous from qb-tunerchip and engine health from qb vehiclefailure?

sure! Will do an update soon to add it!

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could the nitrous only show when it has nitro like the normal qb hud? if possible?

any chance of integrating a vehicle mileage system with kilometeres and miles?