[FREE][ESX/QB/OX] Job system - Create craftings in game!

this is propably hosting problem.

If you use zap hosting, you need to enable writing in FTP.

FTP Settings or FTP manage.

If you have a VPS / Dedicated server, you need to enable the server so that your fivem server can directly write to files.

Write to me if you succeeded and if necessary contact me again.


He creates the job, only the items are not saved, everything is set up correctly on the server

Interesting, this hasn’t happened to anyone yet even now that I’ve tested it.
I’ll try to take a look at it, but possibly PM me and post a clip if you can.

good evening polisek first of all very good job creation script one of the only ones that even exists and that is also clean I would like to make several suggestions for the script

  • be able to craft continuously without having to click again to craft if we still have the necessary items on us

  • make it possible to use harvesting and sales points to create farm jobs.

  • and the possibility of adding blips for the job, personal blips that will only be visible to people with the job, and global blips to view the company’s location.


Maybe nice to add that you can send a payment bill to a customer and if he pays that the money will be going directly into the cash register and that you can let the customer choose cash or card but the money will be going into the cash register i’ll apreaciate it if you can add this because i like it for my server

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i wish i found this earlier great work

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Sweet Work! Is there any possibility to define a Jobsite(polyzone) around the business that auto triggers off duty when leaving the job site? like checks playerped coords against the polyzone area and if not inside then toggle duty off

first check if you have your framework set up in BRIDGE/config.lua.
Alternatively, see what you have set in blacklisted string only on pls_jobsystem/config.lua.

Feel free to set {}

If you have any problem write me a PM.

i have set up. and this wrong its when the script starts. and not working…

I set framework in bridge. On startup it says couldnt start resource

Send me please PM with screen from client side and server side.