[FREE][ESX/QB/ND] Randolio: G's Cache

ESX/QB/ND supported with bridge

A recreation of the GTA Online collectible minigame “G’s Cache”. If you’re not familiar with it, basically a package gets spawned and stashed at a random location around the map and players are hinted with a radius blip of that area to go find it and get the reward.


  • All 75 locations from GTA online are available.
  • Server side spawned object, randomized location and model from the 3 possible drug package props.
  • Everything synced between all players, including ones that log in after it has spawned.
  • Beep sound from the coordinates of the package when a player is within 15.0 distance of the package.
  • Adjustable Cycle timer so you can decide how consistent you want G’s cache to drop. Default is every 90 minutes.
  • All animations and audio banks used from the decomp.
  • Open rewards with a pre-configured default as an example.

Link: GitHub - Randolio/randol_gscache: G's cache collectible minigame from GTA:O for ESX/QB/ND.
Showcase: Watch randol_gscache | Streamable

| Code is accessible | Yes |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | 270~ |
| Requirements | ox_lib |
| Support | No|


Could items also be included?

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It’s open source, you can do whatever you want with the reward

If I could do it I would do it

Ahh well unfortunately I’m not here to adapt to everyone’s personal needs. I just make the resource and release it, sorry.

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In sv_config.lua, add the following line under AddMoney and it should give the item. I used lockpick as an example. You can add multiple of this line if you want multiple items.

AddItem(player, ‘lockpick’, 1 )

Thanks for the help lenny1287

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Randol you are the beast! Thanks again :heart:

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