[FREE] [ESX/OX] FX_THIEF - Steal other players

This script allows players to steal other players. Integrates with OX Inventory or ESX Inventory, allowing access to the nearby player’s inventory.

• 0 MS ( Works with Command )


Download in Github
or Direct Download

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I wouldn’t know how to do it myself as I am still learning, but, would there be a option to move the robbing to ox_target?

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I’m sure you are not allowed to name your resources ox_

the inventory has this built in, i dont get the need for a seperate resorurce

I think ox only has an unlisted /steal command when someone is dead, doesn’t check for a current anim does it?

Very good script, thank you for sharing :grin:. Now my players can steal each others items using wifi as the server completely trusts the client for any item, weapon or money removal!

Yes, but without animation and it respects the player who has handsup or is dead.

I am not an expert in this and I am learning every day. If you have any suggestions or something security that can be implemented, you are more than welcome.

There is that command but it is very different. Since it only steals without animation and does not respect whether the player has handsup or is dead

it does check for anims etc, but i guess if people aren’t clued up then this serves a purpose. ox_inventory/client.lua at 46fcfaff50e9c9c51d9d201abd3beb49be627f17 · overextended/ox_inventory · GitHub


I put ox while I was creating it for reference but I already changed it.

will be great to add lib.progressbar before open oxinventory and add config. to require some item and delete it after use command for steal :smiley: