[FREE] [ESX] [OFFICIAL RELEASE] ESX-Legacy Property System 2.0

How can I add new interiors? I have more interiors of k4mb1 but I do not know how to add them since the locations that come do not match.

hello, i became this error:

any help?

Update your es_extended :slight_smile:

It’s already 1.7.5

your using the release of 1.7.5, the property requires 1.8, which doesnt have a release yet, so needs the normal source :slight_smile: , the release is coming out on the 15th :slight_smile:

you have to download the code version because if you download the last one is not updated

how can i add a new shell? interior no ipl

you can add it into the config :slight_smile:

If but how do you configure the coordinates of storage and clothing if there is no defined location as such? because if you make tp to the location that is in the config of another shell sends you below the map does not send you to the house

you use an offset finder, do find the offset between the position u want, and object (shell) centre, there is a script for it linked in the readme :slight_smile:

need sql? thnks for release!!

hi, i need help,
everything is fine, but the weapon wheel is disabled and I don’t know how to make it work

Weapon wheel has nothing to do with esx_property
Look in es_extended config.lua for weapon wheel

the ox_inventory disable the weaponwheel

So again, es_extended config.lua weaponwheel = false

SQL is automatically done :slight_smile:

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I freaking love that ESX is back on track ! Thanks for the good work guys for keeping that nice framework up to date :slight_smile:

I tried with that and if it detects the locations but when I create the house and enter it does not come out in the coordinates that are being put

now solve it

hi is there any possibility use renzu grage with this property script ?